[Users] SPM host in unknown status

T-Sinjon tscbj1989 at gmail.com
Sun May 27 15:31:44 UTC 2012

Description of problem:

i have 2 nodes 
ovirt-node1.local		 	Non Responsive		SPM
ovirt-node2.local			Up				None

The SPM node stuck in Non-responsive status, it can't be actived, 
all vms in the node went into Unknown status and the master vm domain became inactived

when i do "Maintenace" action to node1, it says:
Error: Cannot switch Host to Maintenance mode.
Host still has running VMs on it and is in Non-Responsive state.

but there has no vm running in node1 , it only has 2 vms in Unknown status

Because I can't active the SPM host , so  i can't active  the vm storage domain

1,How can i migrated the SPM role to other host in my data center , such us node2?
2,How can i send the node1 to UP status?(I have did 'confirm the host has been Rebooted' action , and rebooted the node1, but it did no sense)

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