[Users] Keepalived on oVirt Hosts has engine networking issues

Assaf Muller amuller at redhat.com
Sun Dec 1 08:15:24 UTC 2013

Could you please attach the output of:
"vdsClient -s 0 getVdsCaps"
(Or without the -s, whichever works)
"ip a"

On both hosts?
You seem to have made changes since the documentation on the link you provided, like separating the management and storage via VLANs on eth0. Any other changes?

Assaf Muller, Cloud Networking Engineer 
Red Hat 

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I have the scenario where I have gluster and ovirt hosts on the same box, to keep the gluster volumes highly available incase a box drops I'm using keepalived across the boxes and using that IP as the means for the storage domain. I documented my setup here in case anyone needs a little more info http://www.andrewklau.com/returning-to-glusterized-ovirt-3-3/ 

However, the engine seems to be picking up the floating IP assigned to keepalived as the interface and messing with the ovirtmgmt migration network, so migrations are failing as my floating IP gets assigned to the ovirtmgmt bridge in the engine however it's not actually there on most hosts (except one) so vdsm seems to report destination same as source. 

I've since created a new vlan interface just for storage to avoid the ovirtmgmt conflict, but the engine will still pick up the wrong IP on the storage vlan because of keepalived. This means I can't use the save network feature within the engine as it'll save the floating ip rather than the one already there. Is this a bug or just the way it's designed. 

eth0.2 -> ovirtmgmt ( -> management and migration network -> engine sees, sets and saves 
eth0.3 -> storagenetwork ( -> gluster network -> engine sees, sets and saves (my floating IP) 

I hope this makes sense. 

p.s. can anyone also confirm, does gluster support multi pathing by default? If I'm using this keepalived method, am I bottle necking myself to one host? 


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