[Users] 3 IDE disks : Duplicate ID error

Dan Kenigsberg danken at redhat.com
Mon Dec 2 10:27:40 UTC 2013

On Mon, Dec 02, 2013 at 10:32:15AM +0100, Nicolas Ecarnot wrote:
> Le 29/11/2013 13:36, Dan Kenigsberg a écrit :
> >>Do you mean the xml that one can see in the vdsm.log?
> >
> >Actually, I've meant everything: from Engine's parameters to the
> >vmCreate command, down to the error from libvirt. The domxml blow
> >suggests that the error might be even further below, since I do not
> >see an address collision here.
> >
> >><disk device="cdrom" snapshot="no" type="file"> <address bus="1"
> >>controller="0" target="0" type="drive" unit="0"/> <target bus="ide"
> >>dev="hdc"/> </disk> <disk device="disk" snapshot="no"
> >>type="block"> <address bus="0" controller="0" target="0"
> >>type="drive" unit="0"/> <target bus="ide" dev="hda"/> </disk> <disk
> >>device="disk" snapshot="no" type="block"> <address bus="1"
> >>controller="0" target="0" type="drive" unit="1"/> <target bus="ide"
> >>dev="hdb"/> </disk> <disk device="disk" snapshot="no"
> >>type="block"> <address bus="0" controller="0" target="0"
> >>type="drive" unit="1"/> <target bus="ide" dev="hdd"/> </disk>
> >
> >Could you provide the vmCreate line from vdsm.log, and also the part
> >of libvirtd.log since that domxml gets in until the error is spewed
> >out?
> >
> Wow, this is weird!
> After some shutdown/reboot (I have other things to do with this VM),
> I CAN NOT reproduce the issue.
> I swear I have not changed the disk setup, neither added a component
> or what else.
> What I get now is the VM up and running with 3 IDE disks, a state I
> couldn't reach so far. I don't know what to conclude?

shutdown/reboot of what? Vm? Host? Engine?

Maybe you have still access to the old vdsm.logs? Otherwise the
conclusion is that someone else would bump into this bug..

I have a suspicion that Engine is somehow confused by the device
addresses reported by Vdsm. But I'd need to see the logs to stop

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