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This setting is a PER GUEST setting, not system wide.  On guests you 
reboot frequently, don't set anything.  On guests you need to change 
boot options frequently, change it to what you want.

We have about 6000 guests on ESXi, have not had any issues working this 
way.  On production VMs that get built once and never touched for years, 
don't change anything.  On dev VMs that get rebuilt frequently, we add a 

On 12/10/2013 9:03 AM, Anders Hellquist wrote:
> Just wanted to share my view.
> Have been working with vmware vsphere for a number of years and when 
> dealing with a few hundreds of vm's, setting a boot delay on each is 
> not a good way to handle this issue IMHO. Besides, this setting 
> affects all sysadminsand might not be what everyone wishes. I think 
> the runonce function is great and do not want that removed.
> Regards, Anders
> On Dec 10, 2013 2:54 AM, "Blaster" <blaster at 556nato.com 
> <mailto:blaster at 556nato.com>> wrote:
>     On Dec 9, 2013, at 1:10 PM, Bob Doolittle <bob at doolittle.us.com
>     <mailto:bob at doolittle.us.com>> wrote:
>     > I'll disagree a tiny bit here. One *really annoying* quality of
>     needing to use F2/F8/F12 during Windows bootup in a VM (including
>     ESX/vSphere) is that sometimes it can be impossible to be quick
>     enough on the keyboard to get attention before the OS bootup has
>     begun. By the time you can get a console focus it's too late. That
>     can be enormously frustrating, and Run Once does help with that.
>     On ESXi
>     Guest menu -> edit settings -> Options -> boot options -> boot
>     delay.  I set all mine to 10,000ms.  Delays guest startup by 10
>     seconds each time you boot, but it’s plenty of time to get the
>     console up (if you need to) and get press F? to get where you want
>     to be.
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