[Users] add NFS storage domain fails on mount timeout via ovirt

Bob Doolittle bob at doolittle.us.com
Wed Dec 11 19:32:48 UTC 2013

On 12/11/2013 02:12 PM, Einav Cohen wrote:
>> NFSv4: requires no firewall configuration (although I thought oVirt
>> handled this automatically - did you change your firewall config after
>> host-deploy?)
> did I change my firewall config on my Host, you mean (i.e. the storage client)?
> I thought that it didn't matter (i.e. only storage *server* firewall proper
> configuration is important)?

No, I meant the storage server. In my case I use my Node as the storage 
server, so host-deploy would configure the firewall for me. If you're 
using a separate storage server it will require manual configuration. 
Just as a sanity-check I'd probably try disabling the firewall 
temporarily on your storage server, and see if it starts working with 
v3. If not it's clearly something else.

There could be other issues which v4 addresses which could cause issues 
with v3 - firewall is just the one I've run into :). As long as you're 
not concerned about non-root-partition exports you're probably fine 
as-is (although I thought v4 support was still experimental? If not, why 
isn't it the default?).


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