[Users] How do I add a node?

Rob Abshear rabshear at citytwist.net
Fri Dec 13 17:30:52 UTC 2013

I am thoroughly confused at this point.  I have three servers.  One for 
a controller and two for nodes.  These servers were used as an oVirt 
environment just last week.  But, now, when I try to do a fresh 
installation with the exact same configuration as before, I can't add 
nodes.  Here is the process I used previously:
1.  Install Fedora (minimum install) on each machine
2.  Install tar on each node machine
3.  Install the engine on the controller machine.
4.  Add nodes using IP and password in the web admin interface and let 
the controller build the node.
5.  Profit.

Now that procedure does not work.  When I try it that way, the node 
installs and then fails with an error that it can't configure the 
management network on the node.  I have a second working oVirt 
environment, but I can't even add the nodes into that one.  So, I decide 
to try installing using the oVirt Quick Start document located at 
http://www.ovirt.org/Quick_Start_Guide. The problem is that, there is no 
"oVirt Engine" tab in the administration app.  It's my understanding 
from the document that this is how you tell the node which controller it 
should be allowing.  I can't add the nodes that I built with the oVirt 
Node Installation CD.  The documentation on this is so sparse that I 
can't figure out what's going on.  It was so easy to set up before, but 
I'm having nothing but trouble, now.  I have been at this for days, when 
the first time took me about an hour.  What am I missing?  Could someone 
either update the Quick Start guide, or reply with some up-to-date 
instructions on how to install this environment?  FYI, I am doing this 
with completely fresh installs of Fedora 19.  No software is being 
reused or reconfigured.  It's completely stock.


All are connected via the same switch. I can ping all the three machines 
from each other.  If I try to ssh from the controller into either of the 
nodes, I get "Read from socket failed: Connection reset by peer".  If I 
attempt to ssh into either of the nodes from another machine on the 
network, I get the same message.  If I try to add either node using the 
web interface, It fails with: Error while executing action: Cannot add 
Host. Connecting to host via SSH has failed, verify that the host is 
reachable (IP address, routable address etc.) You may refer to the 
engine.log file for further details.  The engine.log shows:  2013-12-13 
12:21:29,714 WARN [org.ovirt.engine.core.bll.AddVdsCommand] 
(ajp-- CanDoAction of action AddVds failed. 

Please help!


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