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> Itamar,
> I have the same problem and already have mentioned that in previous
> posts. In my case, I have vlan 128 tagged assigned for ovirtmgmt so I
> set the host ip manually on top of a vlan interface and the, after ovirt
> does install the node, it fails to finish as it can't manage properly to
> create the bridge and pass the ip to the brand new bridge. The ovirtmgmt
> interface I create in engine is a bond (and originally I configure just
> a single interface with the ip to grant engine access), just in case
> this changes the scenario.
> Regards,

Just to make sure i get it right:

You're attempting to install a host which is configured:
eth0 --- eth0.128 (which has a static ip configured)

When you install the host, you provide as address either the ip of eth0.128
as you configured manually or a fqdn which is resolved to the same ip.

'ovirtmgmt' logical network definition is a vm network tagged with 128.

Can you provide the from the output of 'getCapabilities' from the vdsm.log
immediately after vdsm starts during the installation the value of 'lastClientIface' ?
Or even better - the entire output of 'getCapabilities' (which will indicate that
vdsm reports properly the required information about the nic it should configure).

Could you confirm the above and provide the missing pieces ?

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