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Blaster Blaster at 556nato.com
Thu Dec 19 04:44:33 UTC 2013

 From RHEL 6.5 release notes...

      Windows Guest Agent Fully Supported

The Windows guest agent is now fully supported and delivered with its 
own installer in the Supplementary channel together with virtio-win drivers.

      Application-Aware|freeze|and|thaw|on Microsoft Windows with VSS
      Support on*qemu-ga-win*

VSS (Volume Shadow Copy Service) is a Microsoft Windows API that allows, 
among other things, the notification of applications for proper, 
consistent freeze and thaw operations. With this feature, snapshots 
taken while the virtual machine is running are consistent through the 
whole stack (from the block layer to the guest applications) and can be 
used for backup purposes. For more information, see theVirtualization 
Administration Guide 

Is there any issue with using these drivers with OVIRT?  (since ovirt is 
upstream of RHEV, it should work, right?)
I know, the answer will be no...

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