[Users] disable EnableMACAntiSpoofingFilterRules per VM

Kapetanakis Giannis bilias at edu.physics.uoc.gr
Wed Dec 25 15:44:47 UTC 2013

On 25/12/13 17:26, Assaf Muller wrote:
> Yep!
> Here you go:
> 'yum install vdsm-hook-macspoof' on all hosts, then following the instructions here:
> https://github.com/oVirt/vdsm/blob/master/vdsm_hooks/macspoof/README
> You can disable the filter on a VM or VNIC level.
> Assaf Muller, Cloud Networking Engineer
> Red Hat

Thanks for the quick reply.

That looks very cool :)

Just to understand better because the instructions are not clear on that.

Suppose I install the package and add
engine-config -s 

what will be the default action for my VMs? Filter or not filter?
So I gave to alter EnableMACAntiSpoofingFilterRules as well?

I mean do I have to explicitly define macspoof=true on all the VMs 
except the VMs I don't need filtering
or the opposite -> filter by default and set macspoof=false in the VM I 
don't need filtering?

I guess the same applies for VNIC.

What about conflicting values between VM and VNIC. Which has precedence 
over the other?



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