[Users] Map disk UUID to guest or disk name?

Eli Mesika emesika at redhat.com
Sat Dec 28 21:41:15 UTC 2013

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> Subject: [Users] Map disk UUID to guest or disk name?
> On an Ovirt datastore the disk image names for the guests are named with an
> unfriendly UUID name.   Is there any way to map that back to the human
> readable name given int the GUI?
> It would be nice if this name was dropped in as a field in the .meta file.  I
> see there is a DESCRIPTION= field, but it’s blank.  I tried updating the
> description in the GUI, but it’s still blank  (bug, or do I have to update
> something?  

The description field is intended just for that, so you can distinguish between disks by its description 
Seems as a bug, please open a BZ on that.
Did you tried updating the description from API as well? in case that this is a UI bug you may succeed to do the same with the API unless it is a bug in the backend core.

I tried deact/activate the disk and it still didn’t update…)
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