[Users] about live snapshot and qemu-kvm

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>>> Yes, but is the reason of different versions something you can share
>>> or not? Just to let the people understand..
>>> Perhaps something related to compatibilities to maintain with 6.0
>>> initial release due to policies red hat uses?
>>> I think duplicating the maintenance effort is negative for red hat
>>> too.. Or not?
>> There are a few packages in RHEL that we need to move more quickly that would be possible within the RHEL policies. OpenvSwitch and QEMU are two such packages.
>> The version of QEMU in RHEL started on 0.12 and has since had a large amount of backported features and bugfixes in many cases the backports were significant, perhaps more than should have been done.
>> We're getting to the point that in future versions of RHEL we're likely to carry a newer version of packages like QEMU in the layered products (such as RHEV and RHEL-OSP) so that we can keep the base versions in RHEL and more aggressively rebase in the layered products.
>> The qemu-kvm-rhev binary that's shipped in RHEV is built from the same source as qemu-kvm but with a different build option. If CentOS doesn't currently build that package it could easily be done or perhaps built by oVirt.
> I for one would very much like to see this built. I was surprised to learn that this was not handled already, because if live snap works in Fedora, why not CentOS, you know...

did anyone ask centos to simply build with this flag to enable these 

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