[Users] Choosing which network to run VM migration on ovirt 3.1

Yuval M yuvalme at gmail.com
Sun Jan 6 15:08:48 EST 2013

I'm running the following setup:
2 hosts,
each has 2 physical NICs,
the first NIC (which is bridged to ovirtmgmt) is a 100Mbps ethernet card
connected to a switch (and to the internet)
the 2nd NIC is a fast Infiniband card which is connected back-to-back to
the other host.

both links are running fine, and I managed to have the 2nd host mount the
storage via the fast link.
The problem is that VM migration takes place over the slow link.

How do I configure the cluster so that the migration uses the fast link?
I've already created a network using the web interface. the migration still
uses the slow link.


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