[Users] so, what do you want next in oVirt?

Jakub Bittner j.bittner at nbu.cz
Wed Nov 6 16:41:57 UTC 2013

Dne 7.10.2013 13:58, Juan Pablo Lorier napsal(a):
> Thanks for the info.
> Regards,
> On 06/10/13 17:26, Itamar Heim wrote:
>> On 08/29/2013 05:22 PM, Juan Pablo Lorier wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> I think that one of the best things from Proxmox is the ability to
>>> connect to any of the hosts via web and been able to admin the hole
>>> infrastructure from there. This avoids the single point of failure that
>>> today engine represents in ovirt plataform.
>> hosted engine should resolve this one.
>>> I agree with Jakub that been able to mix Intel and AMD hosts would be
>>> great so we can use the hole of the servers into a DC and engine may
>>> migrate VM to the same kind of processors if available but if not,
>> as i replied just now, afaik, live migration between intel/amd isn't
>> supported by kvm.
>>> migrate to any available host and alert about the performance
>>> degradation.
>> you can't really migrate to a "lesser" host, only to at least same cpu
>> level.
>>> I'm still a rookie to ovirt so at this time I don't know all the
>>> features to make further coments. I think you have a great product and
>>> the best of it is the speed it's improving.
>> thanks, glad to hear.
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sorry for reopening old topic, but I have 1 (or 2) feature request to 
ovirt 3.4. It would be great to have possibility to edit network 
description and comment while it is attached to running VM. Second 
feature request is fault tolerant VM. I did not find any info about this 
in ovirt discussion. Basically it means running same VM on two(or more) 
separated host where one is standard VM and the second one is exact copy 
(network, ram contents, disk, everything). When host where standard VM 
runs fails, then the mirrored VM should became standard one and continue 
operation without any user notice. Like HA, but without restart.

Thank you.

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