[Users] Low quality of el6 vdsm rpms

Patrick Hurrelmann patrick.hurrelmann at lobster.de
Tue Nov 12 09:34:20 UTC 2013

Hi all,

sorry for this rant, but...

I now tried several times to test the beta 3.3.1 rpms, but they can't
even be installed in the most times. One time it required a future
selinux-policy, although the needed selinux fix was delivered in a much
lower version. Now the rpms have broken requirements. It requires
"hostname" instead of "/bin/hostname". This broken requirement is not
included in the vdsm 3.3 branch, so I wonder where it comes from?
Anyway. So I proceeded and tried to build vdsm myself once again.
Currently the build fails with (but worked fine some days ago):

/usr/bin/pep8 --exclude="config.py,constants.py" --filename '*.py,*.py.in' \
		client lib/cpopen/*.py lib/vdsm/*.py lib/vdsm/*.py.in tests
vds_bootstrap vdsm-tool vdsm/*.py vdsm/*.py.in vdsm/netconf
vdsm/sos/vdsm.py.in vdsm/storage vdsm/vdsm vdsm_api vdsm_hooks vdsm_reg
vdsm/storage/imageRepository/formatConverter.py:280:29: E128
continuation line under-indented for visual indent

- How can the quality of the vdsm builds be increased? It is frustrating
to spend time on testing and then the hosts cannot even be installed to
broken vdsm rpms.
- How are the builds prepared? Is there a Jenkins job that prepares
"stable" rpms in addition to the nightly job? Or is this totally
- How can it be that the rpm spec differs between the 3.3 branch and
released rpms? What is the source/branch for el6 vdsm rpms? Maybe I'm
just tracking on the wrong source tree...

Thx and Regards

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