[Users] gluster storage

tristano82 at libero.it tristano82 at libero.it
Tue Nov 26 18:48:08 UTC 2013

Hello everybody,

i'm successful using ovirt with 16 physical node, in a FC cluster with a very 
BIG dell compellent (and so expensive) enterprise storage ;)

I'm researching a new architecture for a new cluster, and i want to understand 
more better the glusterFS integration in ovirt.

As i understand you have to install a normal physical node, with also the 
glusterFS package… right ? after that you have to create a new cluster in ovirt 
, new datacenter and put in this new node. in that datacenter you can create a 
new data domain ( glusterFS ) that reside on that host. right ?

and… after that ? ok i have 1 node that are also my " storage ", and if i want 
to all more compute node ? … every new compute node are a new " brick " for 
glusterFS so i can expand/redundant the first one ?

i don't have the architecture very clear in my mind, and the documentation 
don't clarify the final architecture for this type of usage.

Thanks for help guys

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