[Users] RFE/Bug? Cloud-Init in oVirt 3.3.1 / IPv6 Support

Sven Kieske S.Kieske at mittwald.de
Thu Nov 28 09:41:17 UTC 2013


currently, you can not set
a static network via Cloud-Init.

How to reproduce:
Select a shutdown vm, click run once.
Click Initial Run, select Cloud-Init

Now select "Network" and "add new"
Name your interface, e.g. eth0
Do not configure DHCP, instead,
fill in IP Address, Netmask, Gateway, etc.

I would suppose that this would pass the following options
into the meta-data:

iface eth0 inet static

but if you mount the meta-data cd-rom into any vm and read
the meta-data.json it says:

iface eth0 inet none

the rest of the information seems to be correct, though.

You can see this from 2 point of views:

1. If I do not select DHCP and I configure IP Address etc. I want
a static configuration, therefore "static" should be in the meta-data.
If I would have wanted "none", I wouldn't bother configuring the
interface, would I? -> Bug

2. There is no button for "static" in the GUI, therefore the option
get's not passed, "none" may be the default option.
In this case, it would be cool to have a checkbox for "static".
--> RFE

I didn't test this from the API yet, but I hope there is an option
to set the networking to static from there?

What do you think? Bug or RFE? Can this be fixed in maybe (fix
should be small, without looking into the code)?

I can't always do full upgrades (3.3.2 would be next).

My second topic would be IPv6 Support:

It simply does not exist in Cloud-Init to pass this option to the
guest, I read this old thread:


My Question: Are there any plans to improve this?

I will work around it maybe through custom parsing and file injecting
the IPv6 data through Cloud-Init, but would prefer to pass this
information simply to Cloud-Init.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Regards

Sven Kieske

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