[Users] Monitoring UI-Plugin 0.1 released

René Koch (ovido) r.koch at ovido.at
Fri Oct 4 05:36:17 EDT 2013

I'm happy to announce version 0.1 of Monitoring UI-Plugin for oVirt and

This UI-Plugin for oVirt and RHEV integrates an existing Nagios or
Icinga monitoring solution into oVirt and RHEV and displays detailed
service status information for data centers, clusters, hosts, storage
domains, virtual machines and pools including performance graphs.

Download this plugin from:

For further information on how to install this plugin visit:

A detailed usage documentation can be found here:


New Features:

      * Rewrite of Backend-Code
      * Configuration files for Monitoring UI-Plugin
      * Mapping of hosts/vms when names differ in oVirt/RHEV and
      * New data backend provider infrastructure supporting 
              * NDOUtils (MySQL-Database)
              * IDOUtils (MySQL-Database)
              * IDOUtils (PostgreSQL-Database)
              * mk-livestatus (Unix-socket)
              * mk-livestatus (TCP-connection)
      * New graph backend provider infrastructure supporting 
              * PNP4Nagios
      * Service check results, details and graphs for 
              * Data Centers
              * Clusters
              * Storage Domains
              * Pools
      * Refresh and automatic refresh of service check results
      * Resizable Tables
      * Logging to logfile
      * Installation with autotools support
      * Perl pod documentation
      * FastCGI support
      * Cached database connections
      * JavaScript templates
      * jQuery and jQueryUI upgrades
      * Supported virtualization platforms 
              * RHEV 3.2
              * oVirt 3.2
              * oVirt 3.3
      * experimental SELinux support
      * RPMs for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 and CentOS 6

Bugs fixed:

      * CSS issues in Internet Explorer and Google Chrome


      * Renamed to Monitoring UI-Plugin as it supports RHEV now, too
      * Moved project to github
      * Project URL: https://github.com/monitoring-ui-plugin/development
      * Project Wiki:

If you have any questions or ideas, please drop me an email: ​
r.koch at ovido.at.

Thank you for using Monitoring UI-plugin.

Best Regards

René Koch
Senior Solution Architect

ovido gmbh - open source solutins
Brünner Straße 163, A-1210 Vienna

Phone:   +43 720 / 530 670
Mobile:  +43 660 / 512 21 31
E-Mail:  r.koch at ovido.at

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