[ovirt-users] Best way to clone host

Brad Bendy brad.bendy at gmail.com
Tue Jul 8 14:05:23 EDT 2014


Ive got host that im running on USB sticks, the install takes hours as
the USB is such a slow write speed. Ive made a copy via DD and cloned
to a new USB which works fine. But when I change the IP and after
reboot the old IP goes back.

My thought process was change the IP, then add the host into the GUI,
it will not install any packages since it's all installed but would
change the certs and everything else.

Any ideal what the best way to handle this is? Or should I just take 2
hours and install each host on it's own?

I would think the same concept could be used for users wanting to PXE
boot multiple hosts.


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