[Users] Self-hosted-engine setup error

Giuseppe Ragusa giuseppe.ragusa at hotmail.com
Wed Mar 12 20:38:42 EDT 2014

Hi all,
while attempting a from-scratch self-hosted-engine installation on CentOS 6.5 (also freshly reinstalled from scratch) on a physical node (oVirt 3.4.0_pre + GlusterFS 3.5.0beta4; NFS storage for engine VM), the process fails almost immediately with:

[root at cluster1 ~]# ovirt-hosted-engine-setup --config-append=/root/ovhe-setup-answers.conf
[ INFO  ] Stage: Initializing
          Continuing will configure this host for serving as hypervisor and create a VM where you have to install oVirt Engine afterwards.
          Are you sure you want to continue? (Yes, No)[Yes]:
[ INFO  ] Generating a temporary VNC password.
[ INFO  ] Stage: Environment setup
          Configuration files: ['/root/ovhe-setup-answers.conf']
          Log file: /var/log/ovirt-hosted-engine-setup/ovirt-hosted-engine-setup-20140313010526.log
          Version: otopi-1.2.0_rc3 (otopi-1.2.0-0.9.rc3.el6)
[ INFO  ] Hardware supports virtualization
[ INFO  ] Bridge ovirtmgmt already created
[ INFO  ] Stage: Environment packages setup
[ INFO  ] Stage: Programs detection
[ INFO  ] Stage: Environment setup
[ INFO  ] Generating VDSM certificates
[ ERROR ] Failed to execute stage 'Environment setup': [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/etc/pki/libvirt/clientcert.pem'
[ INFO  ] Stage: Clean up
[ INFO  ] Stage: Pre-termination
[ INFO  ] Stage: Termination

The /root/ovhe-setup-answers.conf has been saved from a previous installation (before reinstalling) and only minimally edited (removed some lines with UUIDs etc.).

The /etc/pki/libvirt dir is completely missing on both nodes; last time I tried the whole setup I do not recall of having such problems, but maybe something was different then.

The generated /var/log/ovirt-hosted-engine-setup/ovirt-hosted-engine-setup-20140313010526.log has been saved as:


I hope to be able to progress further to test the whole 2-nodes setup (second node freshly reinstalled too and already up with GlusterFS and waiting to be added to oVirt cluster) and datacenter configuration.

Many thanks in advance for any suggestions/help,

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