[ovirt-users] Migrate to Hosted Engine - problem with doc/web page

Yedidyah Bar David didi at redhat.com
Tue May 20 09:20:54 UTC 2014


Migrating an engine between machines using engine-backup is unrelated to
hosted-engine. For details about that, please see [1], especially the
howto section.

In general, if you want to use a local database, you have to prepare it
yourself prior to restore - engine-backup will not do that for you.

[1] http://www.ovirt.org/Ovirt-engine-backup

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> Sent: Tuesday, May 20, 2014 4:13:49 AM
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> For the record, I'm pretty sure the How-To at
> http://www.ovirt.org/Migrate_to_Hosted_Engine actually requires an
> external database, although it never states so.

You are right that it is written for a case in which both old and new
engines use the same remote database. This was done to simplify the howto,
as dealing with the database is unrelated to hosted-engine, which is the
subject of this howto.

> The instructions as written will not work otherwise, because it presumes
> a pre-existing database before running engine-backup restore.
> If somebody can confirm I can open a bug on the page.

You are welcome to do that, or better yet, document your own process
and post that somewhere :-)

> In any case I have started over with a fresh engine-setup in a fresh VM.
> Having some issues I'll state in a different thread for clarity.
> -Bob

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