[ovirt-users] Cannot find guest domain /var/tmp/console-9.rdp

Bob Doolittle bob at doolittle.us.com
Thu May 22 16:01:21 UTC 2014


I have a newly-imported VM in a new Self-Hosted deployment.

In my old configuration, I used to get a console.vv file upon powering 
up the VM, and virt-viewer could open it w/o issues.

Now, I am getting a console.rdp file, and neither virt-viewer nor 
remote-viewer seem happy with it. virt-viewer gives me:

> Cannot find guest domain /var/tmp/console-9.rdp

I am simply using the oVirt web ui to try to launch the console (e.g. MIME).

Does anyone know what could cause this?

I believe I now am using websocket-proxy for the first time (default 
hosted-engine configuration). Could that be causing issues?

In my web searching I found a mention about opening up port 3128, so I 
did that on desktop, engine, and host, but it had no effect.


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