[ovirt-users] Can HA Agent control NFS Mount?

Andrew Lau andrew at andrewklau.com
Sat May 24 06:59:26 UTC 2014


I was just wondering, within the whole complexity of hosted-engine.
Would it be possible for the hosted-engine ha-agent control the mount

I'm basing this off a few people I've been talking to who have their
NFS server running on the same host that the hosted-engine servers are
running. Most normally also running that on top of gluster.

The main motive for this, is currently if the nfs server is running on
the localhost and the server goes for a clean shutdown it will hang
because the nfs mount is hard mounted and as the nfs server has gone
away, we're stuck at an infinite hold waiting for it to cleanly
unmount (which it never will)

If it's possible for instead one of the ha components to unmount this
nfs mount when it shuts down, this could potentially prevent this.
There are other alternatives and I know this is not the "supported"
scenario, but just hoping to bounce a few ideas.


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