[ovirt-users] issued engine-report with 3.4

Nathanaël Blanchet blanchet at abes.fr
Mon May 26 08:42:24 UTC 2014


I followed this http://www.ovirt.org/Ovirt_Reports for installing 
ovirt-report in ovirt >=3.4 with centos 6.5
The installation was successfull, but when restarting engine, I can 
connect very briefly in the webadmin before havinf a blank page. I 
restarted the engine, and when I choose "report", it is the same. So my 
webadmin was unusable anymore. I belived it was because a lack of memory 
so that I increased it up to 6 GB (!) but it didn't change anything. I 
had to uninstall ovirt-engine-reports jasperreports-server 
ovirt-engine-dwh so as engine to be ok.
I specify that my ovirt 3.4.1 had been upgraded from the dreyou 3.2 repo 
with a previous working engine-report.
Thanks for your help

Nathanaël Blanchet

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