[ovirt-users] Unique Storage and Back-up users

Naomi Taylor naomi.taylor at cleardatainfo.com
Thu May 22 20:05:29 UTC 2014



I came across your company during my online research as one of the top
Storage and Back-up providers. I was wondering what your marketing expansion
plans are for the rest of the year. 


Would you be interested in our list of unique NetApp customers? We can also
provide you with information on unique customers of - 


o   EMC

o   VMware

o   Citrix XenDesktop

o   Cisco Unitrends

o   Hitachi Data systems

o   IBM DB2

o   Cisco and so on


Thank you for these valuable minutes out of your busy schedule. 


Looking forward!



Naomi Taylor

Sr. Business Analyst 

Email:  <mailto:naomi.taylor at cleardatainfo.com>
naomi.taylor at cleardatainfo.com 

Phone: 800-860-2563 Ext 4526


Other Services: Market research | Email appending | Email campaigning | SEO
services | 360 Degree profiling | Data Cleansing and De-duplication | etc.

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