[ovirt-users] Failed to change disk (CD) in VM

Frantisek Kobzik fkobzik at redhat.com
Fri Oct 10 14:45:43 UTC 2014

Hi Nathan,

frontend messages are quite general, could you check engine.log? There should be something more interesting. 


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Subject: [ovirt-users] Failed to change disk (CD) in VM

Hello All, 

I am testing out oVirt 3.5 rc5 and their appears to be a problem when I try to change CDs on a live VM. I get the error message "Error while executing action Change CD: Internal Engine Error.". This is a very basic setup. I pushed through the engine install on a fully patched CentOS 6.5 machine; The hypervisor is CentOS 7. I have a remote ISO / NFS share. Everything else appears to be right; so I hope it is not something that I am doing... 

A little about the hypervisor: 
OS: RHEL - 7 - 0.1406.el7.centos.2.5 
Kernel : 3.10.0 - 123.8.1.el7.x86_64 
KVM: 1.5.3 - 60.el7_0.2 
Libvirt: libvirt-1.1.1-29.el7_0.3 
VDSM: vdsm-4.16.7-4.git34f961b.el7 

Thanks for everything. BTW I like the new look of 3.5. 

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