[ovirt-users] q35 machine support?

Paul Jansen vlaero at yahoo.com.au
Thu Oct 23 09:13:50 UTC 2014

Cluster emulation modes
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On 23/10/1403:50 , Paul Jansen wrote:
>Is there a way to get QEMUs q35 machine in Ovirt?
>I've just upgraded my ovirt 3.4.4 install that has a couple of EL6.5 hosts.
>If I create a cluster with EL7 or F20 hosts will I get the option to use the q35 machine?
>If so, how can I select this?

After doing some more searching I came across these two pages:

It sounds like this may allow me to achieve what I've described above.
From what I can tell the 'emulated machine type' is tied to the ovirt cluster level - ie: 3.5.

Is it a case of waiting for ovirt 3.6 to be able to override this or is there some other way to achieve this now?
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