[ovirt-users] OVIRT-3.5-TEST-DAY-3: replace XML-rpc with JSON-rpc

Francesco Romani fromani at redhat.com
Wed Sep 17 11:33:01 EDT 2014

Hi everyone

of this test day I played with the new JSON-rpc transport, which is enabled by default.

I set up from scratch two hypervisors running on RHEL 6.5, while Engine was running on F19.
I created everything from scratch and tested all the flows I known good enough, including
less-then-common stuff.

The list includes creating storage domains, VMs, hotplug/unplug disks, snapshots, migration,
hibernation and dehibernation.

On top of that, I prepared an environment to run more tests, that included create 200 VMs,
started/stopped 100 of them to test.

I kept an eye on the logs other than Engine.

Everything I tried went OK, and logs look good to me.

I run in a few hiccups, which I mention for the sake of completeness:
- VDSM refused to start or run VMs initially: libvirt config included relics from past
  environment on the same box, not JSON-rpc fault. Fixed with new config and (later) a reboot.
- Trying recovery, Engine took longer than expected to sync up with VDSM.
  I have not hard data and feeling is not enough to file a BZ, so I didn't.
- Still trying recovery, one and just one time Engine had stale data from VDSM (reported two
  VMs as present which actually aren't). Not sure it was related to JSON-rpc, can't reproduce,
  so not filed a BZ.

Since I need to continue profiling anyway (better late than never I guess), I include
a couple of test to see if JSON-rpc makes any difference to JSON-rpc.
Results will be posted on devel at ovirt.org and/or on the oVirt wiki.

Francesco Romani
RedHat Engineering Virtualization R & D
Phone: 8261328
IRC: fromani

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