[ovirt-users] pfSense on oVirt

Donny Davis donny at cloudspin.me
Mon Feb 9 11:33:34 EST 2015

I can make a reasonable assumption that your switch is setup to pass vlan tags i.e. trunk ports. 

Where is the issue at?

-Donny D

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I have two physical nics (one for the ovirtmgmt-network). So, I’d tried to make two vLANS (one for WAN and one for LAN), and attached them to the second nic.


> 9 feb 2015 kl. 16:25 skrev Donny Davis <donny at cloudspin.me>:
> I use pfsense with ovirt, and it works out pretty good for me. It's the only distro that will work with Comcast IPv6 correctly. 
> What is your network topology? 
> Are you using vlans?
> Donny D
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>> Hi,
>> We have migrated from ESXi 5 to oVirt 3.5. But now we don't get 
>> pfSense to work in oVirt. Does anybody know how to configure the 
>> networks in oVirt in order to install pfSense.
>> In ESX we use vSwitches (and there was a detail tutorial how to do 
>> this in pfSense manual), and everything works. But in oVirt, our only 
>> options seems to be to create VLANs for WAN and LAN and attach them 
>> to a NIC. When we boot pfSense we get no IP address for the WAN 
>> interface (we tried both static and dhcp).
>> So, what we are looking for is some kind of howtos of how to install 
>> pfSense in oVirt.
> You can also evaluate the installation of the Neutron virtual appliance as described here [1].
> The Neutron virtual appliance is an easy way to deploy OpenStack Neutron service within an oVirt environment: you can easily use Neutron from oVirt as an external networking provider starting from a ready to use image.
> Neutron can manage Open vSwitch to achieve the required network topologies. 
> [1] http://www.ovirt.org/Features/NeutronVirtualAppliance
>> Regards,
>> Staffan
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