[ovirt-users] missing disk after storage domain expansion

Andrea Ghelardi a.ghelardi at iontrading.com
Sun May 10 21:01:17 UTC 2015

Ok, so,

After _*a lot*_ of unsuccessful approach, I finally connected to postegre
DB directly.

Browsing the tables I found “unregistered_ovf_of_entities” where there is a
reference of the missing disk












    @ovf:disk-description:disk for SYBASE installation, on SAN shared


However, I’ve been unable to find any other helpful details.

I guess the disk is not recoverable at this point?

Any guru who has a good ovirt DB kwnoledge willing to give me some advice?

Thanks as usual


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*Subject:* missing disk after storage domain expansion

Hi gentlemen,

I recently found an error on 1 of my storages: it was complaining about no
free space but the VM was running and disk operational.

Since I needed to perform some maintenance on the VM, I shut it down and at
restart VM couldn’t boot up properly.

Checked VM via console and a disk was missing. Edited fstab (luckily this
disk was not root but heck! It had a Sybase DB on it!) and restarted VM
this time ok.

Since the disk resides on the dstore with no space, I expanded the iSCSI
LUN, then refreshed multipath on hosts, then resized PVs and now ovirt is
showing the correct size (logs do not complain anymore on no free space).


Now disk is missing. It is not shown anymore on Disks tab nor anywhere else.

Problem is that storage shows 214GB occupancy (size of the missing disk) so
data is there but cannot find it anymore.

Logs show original disk creation, errors from the lack of space, refresh of
the storage size and then.... no more references on the disk.

What can I do to find those missing ~210GBs?


Andrea Ghelardi
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