[ovirt-users] Hung task in the Tasks tab

Eli Mesika emesika at redhat.com
Mon May 25 09:30:08 UTC 2015

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> Subject: [ovirt-users] Hung task in the Tasks tab
> Hello,
> I have been working on a new cluster on 3.5 with CentOS 7 hosts. My current
> production stuff is still on 3.4 So I had to play around a bit to figure out
> the VDSM networking stuff. I got it all sorted but at one point I had a host
> that was not configured correctly and a task, "Configuring networks on host
> vm2", has been sitting in the task tab since then. I was sucsessfull in
> getting the host configured with all the required bonding, VLANs, and
> networks I need and the host is functioning fine.
> My problem is that this task will not go away from the manager web interface.
> I do not think it is actually doing anything but it would be nice to get it
> out of there. I tried making other network changes and re-saving the
> configuration and also rebooting the host and nothing takes it away. Has
> anyone else seen this?

please run the following from your SPM host 

vdsClient -s 1 getAllTasksStatuses

In case that there is a stuck task, it can be stopped using stopTask (see vdsClient --help)

In case that all is OK on the VDSM side, then it seems like a bug in the engine side and we will need a BZ for that with engine & vdsm(SPM) logs 

We can easily remove that using SQL but lets first see if we can indentify the problem origin 

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