[ovirt-users] Errors while trying to join an external LDPA provider

Alexis HAUSER alexis.hauser at telecom-bretagne.eu
Mon May 2 12:38:46 UTC 2016

>> Yes this is actually the tool I used first, then I modified manually as on the documentation.
>> The problem in this approach is the fact you need a .profile file to be able to set up a TLS connection between the LDAP >and the engine. But this file is generated after the interactive setup. But the interactive setup doesn't allow you to >setup things properly as the TLS isn't set up...

>I am unsure I understand. What is missing in interactive setup to 
>properly setup TLS?
>You just enter CA certificte path/url/system and Java keystore file is 
>created for you by the tool.

Interesting, so it's only an error in the Red Hat Documentation.

If you check on the administrative guide, the prerequisite for using the interactive tool is to have a TLS connection set up betweem LDAP and the engine :  

But when you follow the link to set up this TLS connection, it makes you create the java keystore and modify the "profile1.properties" manually...Which doesn't exist because the interactive setup hasn't been done yet...

I'll report this on their bugzilla.

I'll try to generate a new file with the interactive setup and tell you if the result is different.

>>So I had to setup things with "insecure" mode and then edit it manually...

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