[ovirt-users] Console not working

Brett I. Holcomb biholcomb at l1049h.com
Sat May 7 01:04:53 UTC 2016

I'm on 3.6.4 (yes I'll update soon when I get time) and I can't access
the VMs via console anymore.  At one time I right clicked, choose
consoel and had a console open in a window.

The VMS show SPICE as the graphics in the admin web so I assume that's
default.  Now if I try and open a console I'm asked to download a vv
file so I save it and I did setup according to this, https://access.red
Installing_Supporting_Components.html, and all I got was a blank window
and this error if I try to Toggle messages output.

WebSocket error: Can't connect to websocket on URL:

followed by lots of characters.

If I set the console options to native I get the request to download a
vv file or open with firefox.  If I say open with firefox it puts the f
ile://pathtovv in the url and then asks again so I'm in an infinite
loop.  If I save and then open with firefox I get the same infinite
loop nonsense.

If I try and use VNC in console options I'm told to set the VM console
options which I have done several time to VNC, spice+vnc, and then back
to VNC.  I reboot and still can't use VNC. For others who may have this
issue I finally got to select VNC by shutting down the VM (again) and
selection VNC in the console.  I restarted and it finally set the
protocol to VNC.  Unfortunately when I try and connect to the console I
still get the stupid vv file and firefox goes into it's infinite loop.

At this point spice is useless (I've never gotten it to work with
oVirt) and VNC seems broken.

I must be missing something.  How do I connect to the console of my VM
as I used to by simply clicking the console icon or selecting the menu
item.  I have imported it and need to setup the networking so I can ssh
or connect to it with thinlinc.

If I use VNC how to I connect to the VM.  I can connect to an engine VM
via the remote-viewer ... command line but how do I get to an
individual VM?


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