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Brett I. Holcomb biholcomb at l1049h.com
Sat May 7 02:06:32 UTC 2016

Some more information.  
I had shutdown the VM on VMWare workstation, exported it as an ova, did
the virt-v2v and imported it.  To work on it I went to another
workstation running the same OS (Fedora 23) and ran the oVirt web
portal.  From there I tried to access this new VM's console (or any but
can not).  I shutdown the VM on oVirt and restarted it on VMware
Workstation.  I logged back into the workstation I'm trying to migrate
and can access all the consoles without issues under SPICE. So to
Workstation A - Keeps asking what to do with the console vv file.  
Workstation B - the one I'm trying to migrate to oVirt I can access
consoles just fine. This one opens in remote viewer according to the
heading if I open a console window.
So I need to find out what needs to be installed on Workstation A.  On
B I have these so I installed them on A.
Same vnc packages on both already installed.
remote-viewer on both systems
Still doesn't work. 
Firewall services and ports the same on both.
For others who may have a brain short <G>:  After all that I found that
I had to select remote-viewer in the open with box and all was well.
 The first system was setup some time ago so I don't remember if I had
to go through this dance to change it from Firefox or if it just picked
it up and used remote-viewer.  I have no idea why Firefox would be a
preferred viewer for a remote connection.
On Fri, 2016-05-06 at 21:04 -0400, Brett I. Holcomb wrote:
> I'm on 3.6.4 (yes I'll update soon when I get time) and I can't
> access
> the VMs via console anymore.  At one time I right clicked, choose
> consoel and had a console open in a window.
> The VMS show SPICE as the graphics in the admin web so I assume
> that's
> default.  Now if I try and open a console I'm asked to download a vv
> file so I save it and I did setup according to this, https://access.r
> ed
> hat.com/documentation/en-
> US/Red_Hat_Enterprise_Virtualization/3.4/html/User_Guide/chap-
> Installing_Supporting_Components.html, and all I got was a blank
> window
> and this error if I try to Toggle messages output.
> WebSocket error: Can't connect to websocket on URL:
> wss://ovengine1.corp.l1049h.net:6100
> followed by lots of characters.
> If I set the console options to native I get the request to download
> a
> vv file or open with firefox.  If I say open with firefox it puts the
> f
> ile://pathtovv in the url and then asks again so I'm in an infinite
> loop.  If I save and then open with firefox I get the same infinite
> loop nonsense.
> If I try and use VNC in console options I'm told to set the VM
> console
> options which I have done several time to VNC, spice+vnc, and then
> back
> to VNC.  I reboot and still can't use VNC. For others who may have
> this
> issue I finally got to select VNC by shutting down the VM (again) and
> selection VNC in the console.  I restarted and it finally set the
> protocol to VNC.  Unfortunately when I try and connect to the console
> I
> still get the stupid vv file and firefox goes into it's infinite
> loop.
> At this point spice is useless (I've never gotten it to work with
> oVirt) and VNC seems broken.
> I must be missing something.  How do I connect to the console of my
> VM
> as I used to by simply clicking the console icon or selecting the
> menu
> item.  I have imported it and need to setup the networking so I can
> ssh
> or connect to it with thinlinc.
> If I use VNC how to I connect to the VM.  I can connect to an engine
> VM
> via the remote-viewer ... command line but how do I get to an
> individual VM?
> Thanks.
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