[ovirt-users] Problems exporting VM's

Luciano Natale luchonat at gmail.com
Sun May 8 00:14:48 UTC 2016

Hi everyone. I've been having trouble when exporting VM's. I get error when
moving image. I've created a whole new storage domain exclusive for this
issue, and same thing happens. It's not always the same VM that fails, but
once it fails on a certain storage domain, I cannot export it anymore.
Please tell me which logs are relevant so i can post them and any other
relevant iformation I can provide, and maybe someone can help me get
through this problem.

Ovirt version is Hosted engines is CentOS 6. Hosts are
CentOS 7. VM's are all CentOS 7, except for two that are CentOS 6 and
Windows 7.

Please excuse my bad english!
Thanks in advance!

Luciano Natale
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