[ovirt-users] Could not connect to the optimizer service

Kapetanakis Giannis bilias at edu.physics.uoc.gr
Wed May 25 11:28:45 UTC 2016


I've just setup optimizer service following


I can access optimizer's interface and get the the solution result from 
both http and https.
I can access it from both my pc and from ovirt-engine host with a 
browser at url

However in ovirt-engine interface I see
Status: Could not connect to the optimizer service [status code: 0]

Also I see no connection attempt from ovirt-engine to optimizer (with 
logging on optimizer's firewall).

Engine is loading the conf:
2016-05-25 13:54:40,395 INFO 
(default task-20) [] Reading UI plugin configuration 

"config": { "baseurl": 

tried also
"config": { "baseurl": 
incase there was a problem with optimizer's certificate.

Any ideas? How can I debug why the engine is not doing any attempt to 
get optimizer's result?

best regards,


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