[ovirt-users] Ovirt 4.04 unable to umount LUNs on hosts

Andrea Ghelardi a.ghelardi at iontrading.com
Tue Oct 4 13:50:44 UTC 2016

Hello ovirt gurus,
I'd like to bother you with a long lasting issue I face.
My (new) test setup (not production one) is running ovirt 4.04 hosted engine on a Dell R510 server connected to SAN Compellent SC040 via iscsi.
All systems installed from scratch following guidelines.
Ovirt hosted engine installed using ovirt-appliance.
Everything is working "fine".
We are unable to perform a clear LUN removal.
We can perform all actions from web interface (storage add, maintenance, detach, delete) with no error.
However, underlying device remains mapped to server. As a result, we are unable to unmap the LUN otherwise multipath fails, server fails, ovirt fails etc.

Steps to reproduce:

1)      Create LUN on SAN, map it to server -> OK

2)      Log in ovirt web interface, add a new storage targeting LUN -> OK

3)      Create disk, create VM setup VM, (optional) -> OK

4)      Shutdown VM -> OK

5)      Ovirt: Put storage in maintenance -> OK

6)      Ovirt: Detach storage -> OK

7)      Ovirt: Delete storage -> OK

Expected result:
Ovirt unmaps and remove device from multipath so that it can be destroyed at SAN storage level.
It should be possible to perform this action even when host is not in maintenance.

Current result: volume remain locked in multipath (map in use).
Trying vgchange -a n <DEVICE> and then multipath -f <DEVICE> removes device, but then it is automatically re-added after a while (???)

Please note: this is the same behavior we always faced also with our ovirt production environment.
Details attached. Volume to be removed: LUN 000064

Any ideas?
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