[ovirt-users] VM SSO

Maxence Sartiaux contact at makz.me
Fri Oct 7 07:09:05 UTC 2016


I try to use the VM SSO but no login, still on the logon screen ...

I'm on ovirt 4.0.3, connected to an AD (Samba 4.5) + VMs Windows 7/10
stateless sysprep-ed to integrate to the domain and obviously the
guest-agent is installed.

My AD user can connect to the user panel, take a vm and connect to the
console but no sign on on the windows. (the "Connect Automatically"
option is ticked)

Also, i don't know why but my username on ovirt panel has a double
domain  "u1 at labo.lan@labo.lan" <- is this my problem ?
The AD configuration is the configuration from the extension setup
wizard, no custom config, no mapping

Any ideas ? 

Thank you
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