[ovirt-users] documentation change suggestion / question

Charles Kozler ckozleriii at gmail.com
Sat Oct 8 17:14:48 UTC 2016

Googling "ovirt windows agent" this is the first link that pops up:

This doc seems non-intuitive and over complicated

Specifically, the RedHat documentation that is 4 links below is simple as
"install this package and mount the iso":

The former was updated as early as June of this year

1.) The RedHat document worked for me so I dont think oVirt 4.x cant use
the same
2.) Why have separate areas of documentation that are so different from
each other? This has caused me issues in the past whereby I found RH docs
that were much more clear and concise
3.) Is there anyone who might want to merge RH docs with oVirt docs where
the RH docs are better than oVirt?

Thanks so much for providing such a great product! I just feel sometimes
the docs are a little more developer-centric whereas the RedHat docs are
more easily readable
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