[ovirt-users] Ping returns: Redirect Host(New nexthop ..

gregor gregor_forum at catrix.at
Tue Oct 18 11:38:51 UTC 2016


sometimes a ping to a VM give "Redirect Host(New nexthop ...".
Lowering the MTU inside the VM gives better results but the network
throughput is very bad. (45kB/s during yum update)

Network name: WAN, MTU 1500 (default)
Network name: LAN, MTU 1500 (default)
LAN and WAN assigned to the host and ipv4 set to "none"
added WAN to eth0 to the VM
added LAN to eth1 to the VM

PING inside the LAN network works perfect.
PING to WAN gives sometimes a letency of 4000ms to
PING from WAN to the VM gives the problem described above and latency
sometimes up to 200ms and normally 0.7ms

When I set the MTU to 1400 inside the VM network configuration and also
on the VM itself the nexthop-problem are gone. A speedtest with
speedtest-cli[1] give me a speed of 0.35/3.45. The values differ extrem
from the values measured from a laptop inside the WAN network with the
same tool.

Can anybody give me a hint what the problen can be?

[1] https://github.com/sivel/speedtest-cli


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