[ovirt-users] Ping returns: Redirect Host(New nexthop ..

gregor gregor_forum at catrix.at
Wed Oct 19 09:35:12 UTC 2016

Problem solved: The ISP router had a problem.


On 18/10/16 13:38, gregor wrote:
> Hi,
> sometimes a ping to a VM give "Redirect Host(New nexthop ...".
> Lowering the MTU inside the VM gives better results but the network
> throughput is very bad. (45kB/s during yum update)
> Networkconfiguration:
> Network name: WAN, MTU 1500 (default)
> Network name: LAN, MTU 1500 (default)
> LAN and WAN assigned to the host and ipv4 set to "none"
> added WAN to eth0 to the VM
> added LAN to eth1 to the VM
> PING inside the LAN network works perfect.
> PING to WAN gives sometimes a letency of 4000ms to
> PING from WAN to the VM gives the problem described above and latency
> sometimes up to 200ms and normally 0.7ms
> When I set the MTU to 1400 inside the VM network configuration and also
> on the VM itself the nexthop-problem are gone. A speedtest with
> speedtest-cli[1] give me a speed of 0.35/3.45. The values differ extrem
> from the values measured from a laptop inside the WAN network with the
> same tool.
> Can anybody give me a hint what the problen can be?
> [1] https://github.com/sivel/speedtest-cli
> cheers
> gregor
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