[ovirt-users] oVirt and Ubuntu>=14.04?

Jon Forrest jon.forrest at locationlabs.com
Fri Oct 21 16:03:27 UTC 2016

On 10/20/16 4:24 PM, Charles Kozler wrote:
> Probably not. There are a lot of difference between CentOS/RHEL &
> Ubuntu/Debian in this regard - paths like /etc/sysconfig and similar
> that it expects. You can run Ubuntu VMs, of course, which is why you
> found the guest utilities. If you want Debian-backed KVM solution you
> can look to Proxmox

This sounded promising so I checked this out. It turns out that it
only works on Debian, not Ubuntu, in spite of their similarity.

So, it looks like there's no oVirt-like package available for
Ubuntu. I'd love to be proven wrong.

Jon Forrest

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