[ovirt-users] migrating via pivotting the storage domain between instances of Manager

Kenneth Bingham w at qrk.us
Wed Oct 26 18:38:48 UTC 2016

Is it possible to "pivot" up or down guests from one instance of Manager to
another instance of Manager by detaching the data storage domain from the
source Manager's data center and attaching it to the destination Manager's
data center? I tried this with a block type storage domain, but there are
no storage domains found when I do "import domain" in the destination

If I do "import domain" on the source Manager and choose the same oVirt
host to perform the import then the detached storage domain is able to be
imported. If I re-attach the storage domain to the source Manager's data
center the unregistered guests are available for import. Why does this
require that the oVirt host performing the import be the same host that had
formerly mounted the domain? Or, is it that the host is still recognized as
enrolled in the DC that had created the unregistered guests on the detached
storage domain?

What if, instead of detaching the storage domain from the source Manager's
data center, I shut down all guests and put the oVirt host in maintenance
mode and enroll that same oVirt host in the destination Manager's data
center, then would it be possible to import the detached storage domain and
import the unregistered guests and templates stored there?
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