[ovirt-users] migrating via pivotting the storage domain between instances of Manager

Nicolas Ecarnot nicolas at ecarnot.net
Thu Oct 27 06:38:56 UTC 2016

Hello Kenneth,

Le 26/10/2016 à 20:38, Kenneth Bingham a écrit :
> Is it possible to "pivot" up or down guests from one instance of Manager
> to another instance of Manager by detaching the data storage domain from
> the source Manager's data center and attaching it to the destination
> Manager's data center?

Here, we're in a phase where we've done that exact action 6 times, and 
yet 2 to go.

We're detaching+attaching these SD between 3.6.5 to 3.6.5 oVirt setups 
(CentOS 7).

After having shut all VMs, cleanly detached the SD and attached to the 
target, one still has to :
- activate the storage domain (according to your setup and the version, 
this step may be automatic)
- manually import each VM : this step is long and has to be done one by 
one (Redhat people : please comment).

In this last step, I found it quite fast, but some caveats are to be 
avoided, like :
- pay attention to the MAC adresses, avoid the duplicates
- pay attention to the access rights of the hosts towards your storage 
solution (iSCSI, NFS, aso...)

*I faced no issue regarding any relation between guests and hosts.*

I guess Redhat people will encourage you to share the logs of the 
adequate machines :
- engine.log of both managers
- vdsm.log of both SPMs

> I tried this with a block type storage domain,
> but there are no storage domains found when I do "import domain" in the
> destination Manager.
> If I do "import domain" on the source Manager and choose the same oVirt
> host to perform the import then the detached storage domain is able to
> be imported. If I re-attach the storage domain to the source Manager's
> data center the unregistered guests are available for import. Why does
> this require that the oVirt host performing the import be the same host
> that had formerly mounted the domain? Or, is it that the host is still
> recognized as enrolled in the DC that had created the unregistered
> guests on the detached storage domain?
> What if, instead of detaching the storage domain from the source
> Manager's data center, I shut down all guests and put the oVirt host in
> maintenance mode and enroll that same oVirt host in the destination
> Manager's data center, then would it be possible to import the detached
> storage domain and import the unregistered guests and templates stored
> there?
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