[ovirt-users] fakevdsm templates per datacenter

joost at familiealbers.nl joost at familiealbers.nl
Thu Oct 27 07:42:36 UTC 2016

Hi All, i have two ovirt / fakevdsm questions.

I am using fakevdsm to test my ovirt 4.0.5 engine.
I have a somewhat awkward setup where i have a relatively large amount 
of dc's.
I cannot get nfs master domain to work from the api.
The api code is solid and is used on a ovirt-engine 3.5 production 

When creating the nfs storage domain i have no issues (it is created as 
id (00000-00000 more zeros here......) but when i try to attach it to a 
dc it fails.
I am not sure this is an ovirt of fakevdsm issue. When i manually add 
the nfs storage domain it does get created which is somewhat worrying.
My real aim would be to run 500 dc's with 2 hosts and around 5 vms.

Not being able to use the nfs storage master domain is one of the 

To work around this i decided to try and create 1000 dcs with a single 
host using local storage.
Allthough this works it looks like the hosts and vms within the dc's 
are actually not having their own storage pool.

In our prod environment we run at a much lower scale serveral dc's with 
shared gluster storage (shared between the two hosts in the cluster)
This is considered per dc its own storage pool.

In my tests when reaching dc,cluster, host 249 things fail, this is 
likely because of the value of 'maxnumberofhostsinstoragepool'. I would 
expect this to be bound to the dcs and not the overall server.

In short i expect each dc to be able to run 249 hosts as each dc is its 
own storage pool?

Similarly when i look at the ovirt ui some hosts actually show they are 
running the total amount of running vms.

Again i am not sure if i am correct in assuming each dc is its own 
storage pool.

As this setup is somewhat awkward i would like to tweak the diverse 
flags in ovirt engine to be more relaxed about obtaining data from the 
hosts and storage domains.

I believe ovirt engine now checks every 3 seconds the host but i am 
guessing i can live with every 60 seconds for example, the same would 
apply for the storage part. what i am not sure about though is if there 
is a golden ratio between these config items.
I.e. there is vdsRefreshRate, if i set this to 60 instead of 3 do i 
need to also change the vdsTimeout value which is set to 180 by default?

sorru for the lenght of this message.
the most critical items are.
Should i worry about not being eable to create an nfs master domain or 
is this a fakevdsm thing
Why are my dcs, for someone reason related to the main storage pool or 
am i right in thinking a dc + cluster +host with local storage, is its 
own storage pool?

Thanks you so much.

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