[ovirt-users] oVirt engine and primary DNS

Jonas Israelsson jonas.israelsson at elementary.se
Thu Oct 27 10:32:57 UTC 2016

> Can you try if these settings inside /etc/resolv.conf can make oVirt 
> engine web uo work better?
> options rotate
> options timeout:1
> options attempts:1
> Please note that nslookup and dig commands seem not to go through 
> these settings if you change them.
> But if you use eg ping command you can see they work as expected (at 
> least the rotate one).
I could indeed, the issue I saw yesterday is resolved already. I was 
merely thinking we might have a potential single point of failure here.
While the primary nameserver was offline the machine (where the 
ovirt-engine is running) itself had no problem doing name-resolution, 
still oVirt-ui was acting rather unpleasant.
And since my changes to resolv.conf only had an impact after restarting 
the engine I thought there are some internals, such as a cache causing 
this problem.

I can't say for sure if this was due to long delays, but some operations 
in the UI, I was waiting for several minutes before cancelling. And I 
believe that is more than enough time for the OS to try a second 

But this could by all mean have something to do with my 
infrastructure/setup. So let me do some more digging, and if I'm wrong, 
my apologies for the noise.

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