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david caughey djc636 at gmail.com
Fri Oct 28 16:46:21 UTC 2016


I'm building a homeserver to run ovirt and wanted to get opinions on the
best approach.
The server will be used as a test/studybed for
The server will be based around a Xeon E5 10 core with 128GB ram.
Option 1:
Build server with CentOS 7.2 and deploy ovirt directly on top.
Option 2:
Build server with CentOS 7.2 and deploy multiple ovirt instances on top of
Which will be the most stable versatile method?
If a GPU is used as a passthrough device can it be used on several vm's or
is it restricted to 1 vm?
If 2 GPU's are used can 1 be used as a dedicated passthrough to 1 vm and
the other shared between the remaining vm's?
Is CentOS/RH the best platform for ovirt?
Is it okay/advisable to load the latest kernel, (4.8 ish), on to CentOS
before installing ovirt?

Any and all comments/advice welcome,

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