[ovirt-users] Ovirt and network cards usage

Osvaldo ALVAREZ POZO alvarez at xtra-mail.fr
Wed Sep 7 11:33:16 UTC 2016


In my server I have 4 nics 

I was thinking about using NIC3 and 4 for starage (ISCSI or NFS) 
Two (NIC1 and 2) For management and VM traffic using VLAN. 

But when I installed Ovirt, I had to use the firts NIC without Vlan. Native vlan did not work. So at the switch the NIC1 and 2 are in mode access. 

After deploying hosted-engine the ovirtmgmt network was create on first NIC. If I want redundancy I would have to add nic 2 to ovirtmgmt . 

And there is no more NICS for the VMs. 

Are there a way to configure VLAn on ovirtmgmt, moving hosted-engine to a VLAN? 

Any idea? 


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