[ovirt-users] Add more hosts

Davide Ferrari davide at billymob.com
Thu Sep 15 13:11:53 UTC 2016

Hello again

as I said I'm a beginner with OVirt and I was playing with a
proof-of-concept cluster with OVirt 4.0 + GlusterFS 3.8, following this


(it works smoothly with 4.0 too)
I've created the cluster and the engine is running as an higly available VM
in the cluster itself with hosted-engine --deploy but now I want to add a
fourth machine to the cluster but I get this error:

 Cannot automatically add the host to cluster Default: Cannot add Host.
There is no available server in the cluster to probe the new server.

both if I try to add an host from Ovirt AAdmin GUI or if I try to run
"hosted-engine --deploy" on the new machine. Is it possible to have this
cluster conf (with the engine running as a VM) with 4 or more machines?
What thing should I have to do?

Thanks in advance

Davide Ferrari
Senior Systems Engineer
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