[ovirt-users] Few Questions on New Install

Eduardo Mayoral emayoral at arsys.es
Mon Feb 12 06:38:20 UTC 2018

AFAIK there is no DHCP integrated for ovirt, you will have to deploy a
DHCP to assign the IP addresses to the VMs (or use static config).

About the template imports, an out-of-the-box ovirt installation has an
storage domain called "ovirt-image-repository". There you will find many
popular templates ready for import. If you do not find there what you
want, you can upload the iso, install one VM, optionally install
cloud-init on it, and convert it to a template.

Never used SolusVM. If it uses libvirt you may be able to import the VM
using the import VM dialog and choosing "KVM (via libvirt)", otherwise,
you will probably have to copy the VM disks to an storage domain so
oVirt can import them, and then recreate a VM usign the imported disks.
If the source VM is KVM based, expect no compatibility issues.

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On 12/02/18 02:53, Talk Jesus wrote:
> Greetings,
> Just installed Ovirt: 
> Software Version:
> How Do I:
> - add a subnet of IPv4 to assign to VMs
> - download (or import) basic Linux templates like Centos 7, Ubuntu 16 even
> if using minimal iso 
> - import from SolusVM based KVM nodes
> Does oVirt support bulk IPv4 assignment to VMs? If I wish to assign say a
> full /26 subnet of IPv4 to VM #1, is this a one click option?
> Thank you. I read the docs, but everything is a bit confusing for me.
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