[ovirt-users] Import Domain and snapshot issue ... please help !!!

Enrico Becchetti enrico.becchetti at pg.infn.it
Tue Feb 13 11:48:30 UTC 2018

  Dear All,
I have been using ovirt for a long time with three hypervisors and an 
external engine running in a centos vm .

This three hypervisors have HBAs and access to fiber channel storage. 
Until recently I used version 3.5, then I reinstalled everything from 
scratch and now I have 4.2.

Before formatting everything, I detach the storage data domani (FC) with 
the virtual machines and reimported it to the new 4.2 and all went well. In
this domain there were virtual machines with and without snapshots.

Now I have two problems. The first is that if I try to delete a snapshot 
the process is not end successful and remains hanging and the second 
problem is that
in one case I lost the virtual machine !!!

So I need your help to kill the three running zombie tasks because with 
taskcleaner.sh I can't do anything and then I need to know how I can 
delete the old snapshots
made with the 3.5 without losing other data or without having new 
processes that terminate correctly.

If you want some log files please let me know.

Thank you so much.
Best Regards

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